Mission Statement for Appleton REIA

The Appleton REIA was created to serve a greater area of NE Wisconsin real estate investors and rehabbers with high quality networking, education and hands-on learning opportunities as well as top grade vendors to do business together with. We strive to listen to the needs of our members and bring solutions to every meeting along with great opportunities to network, sell properties, and do business amongst each other.

We have a strong passion for real estate, and welcome new members who are curious about investing in properties all the way up to our seasoned and experienced members who join us! No matter what part of the path you are on, there is always something new to learn and the markets are constantly changing. Through the networking opportunities, we can also learn a lot from each other!

The Appleton REIA is designed to continually bring value to its members through formal and informal training sessions from 101 courses to the detailed, specific how-to’s of the experienced investor. We provide L.O.S.T. (Live On Site Training) at low to no cost as well as classroom trainings, bootcamps, national speakers and their boot camps, and regular monthly meeting specific topic trainings. We are also open to comments and suggestions, so if our members would like to see a specific topic or hear from a specific trainer, we will try to put that together!

Our comprehensive website offers our members a FREE business template site of their own that they can use to get their name out there and collect leads as well as market properties for sale and wholesale. We are also proud to network with local vendors who provide value and discounts to our members through their work and services. They understand who we are and what we need and expect in our businesses.

Overall, the Appleton REIA strives to add value to the lives and businesses of its members through education, training, networking, and friendships that will take everyone to the next level.